Rhode Island ComicCon

Whew. Finally all recovered from a weekend like RICC, Rhode Island Comic Con. My partner and I go every year, and usually buy way too much superhero/rockstar/wrestling paraphernalia. While I won’t say we didn’t buy anything, I can say we didn’t do the usual amount of damage.

There were three highlights for us. The main highlight, the once in a lifetime one, was attending an intimate discussion with Tim Curry. Yes, you heard me. Tim Curry, of IT, Clue, Legend and a hundred other movies, my favorite of them being Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tere’s only one word to describe Mr.Curry in that movie: Yummy.

But I digress.

As you might know, he’s not been well for some time. I understand he’s had one, maybe two strokes that have left him unable to walk. But he is still the same beautiful man with the same sharp wit. He spoke of his various roles, and shared many stories about his life “on set”. When asked about the most recent version of Rocky Horror, he stated that while Laverne Cox was beautiful and terrific in the role she played, overall he found the make unnecessary. By casting a transgendered woman in the role of Frank N Furter, he believed they missed the point that Frank N Furter was a transvestite, not a transgendered person, and that he, “would fuck anything”.

Gotta love him.

Another highlight of the weekend also related to Rocky Horror: A Panel discussion with Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick. Clearly these two have been on panels together before, because they had a comfortable (if not biting) banter between them.

Finally, after chasing his misbehaving butt down all weekend, I finally caught up with Lil Monkey. He’d run off to join the cosplaying pirates. I tell you, he was lucky I found him. I was about to leave his ungrateful ass.

Not. Who loves ya, Monkey? Can’t wait until next year.