Vampires. Weres. Incubi. Rockstars.

Sometimes, being yourself means Living After Midnight.

5.0 out of 5 stars
I’m a believer!
I read literary fiction and mysteries and doubted I would like this, but I’m a believer now. When I got an advance review copy I read it, my first urban fantasy ever, and was happily surprised. It has memorable characters, humor, compassion and adventure. What more could a reader want? I will read anything Trevann Rogers writes.
— I'm a Believer
Rating: 5 out of 5
...Readers are given a story full of originality and colorful characters in a uniquely defined world of otherworldly creatures. Add in the typical angst of running from familial obligations while trying to find yourself and you end up with a story that sets itself apart while retaining elements of familiarity...All just amazing.
— Barnes and Noble Customer

Trevann’s Books

Sex. Rebellion. Rock and Roll.

An incubus and two toddlers walk into a bar…wait. That's no joke. That's Cheyenne's life, and you weren't supposed to see them. 



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