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It's hard to believe there is anyone left in this town who hasn't heard of Cheyenne, but in case you've been living in your parent's basement, listen closely: Put on your favorite club rags, ask your mama for 20 bucks, and head over to the Southside for an evening of the best rock music (and most generously poured drinks) in the city. Guitarist, vocalist and crowd teaser extraordinaire, Cheyenne will have you on your feet dancing from the moment he hits the stage.

City Voice caught up with Cheyenne after a rehearsal. (Don't hate. Call it Entertainment Reporter Privilege.) When his band left, he sat on the edge of the stage, and agreed to answer a few questions.

CV: So, just Cheyenne? Like Liza? Pink? Beyonce?

Cheyenne: No, man. Cheyenne, like…Cheyenne. That all you got?

CV: Um, no. Let's see. It's pretty rare for a musician in this city to gain the following you have by playing original music. How do you do it?

Cheyenne: I'm good. I write songs that people can relate to. And I write music that makes them want to move.

CV: Seems to make the audience want to do more than move. A friend of mine said that after one of your shows, there isn't a dry seat in the house.

Cheyenne: (laughing) I didn't say HOW they wanted to move. But yeah, nothing wrong with a little musical foreplay.

CV: Amen.

Cheyenne: (laughing harder)

CV: Okay, okay, seriously. Making it in this industry means sacrificing—or so I'm told. Some of the most successful rock stars go at it like they have nothing left to lose. You seem to be pretty driven. What are you sacrificing?

Cheyenne: I don't…I'm driven because music is what I do. I hear songs all the time. I play my guitar in my sleep. I do this because I can't NOT do it. But I…I don't intend to sacrifice anything.

CV: What about relationships? I am sure every woman reading this wants to know if there's a special person in your life.

Cheyenne: Yeah, two in fact. Most important people in my life.

CV: Two? So the rumors about you are true…

Cheyenne: Most of them are, bro. Most of them are.

CV: Speaking of rumors, there's one floating around that you are going to be the opening act on a certain someone's major international tour.

Cheyenne: Nah. That would be one of those absolutely not true rumors.

CV: Interesting. But you were approached, weren't you? Her people called your people….

Cheyenne: Let's just say I'm not going to be anyone's opening act, and leave it at that.

CV: Anyone ever tell you, you are a tough interview. How about this—Who are your musical influences? The questions don't get easier than that.

Cheyenne: Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr.…

CV: Seriously?

Cheyenne: No, man. Anyone ever tell you, you ask lame questions?

CV: Standard question. Everyone answers that one.

Cheyenne: Okay, fine. My mom. My mother was my greatest musical influence. You got enough for your paper? 'Cause I gotta go. Later.

CV: But I have a few more questions!

Cheyenne: (waiving over his shoulder)

Cheyenne is performing at Eddie's Thursday through Sunday. Two shows every Friday and Saturday night. General admission, so get there early.