I Am the Ticket Queen


It is no secret that rockstars are my favorite creatures of the night. So when my favorite rocker announced a limited tour I was at once exhilarated and sick to my stomach with anxiety.What if I can't get tickets?
On sale day, I logged onto the ticket purveyor's website thirty minutes before I could buy them and waited. And waited. And waited. When the digital clock on the computer rolled over to precisely 10 a.m. I was ready.

Two tickets, best available. The computer whirred, cautioning me to not "go back or resend the data", lest I lose my place in the queue. And then...2 seats, upppermost section, far left. What?? How was THAT possible? My finger pressed enter at the exact moment the tickets were available! Nosebleed seats were not good enough. I clicked the obsessed ticket buyer's best friend: Reject these tickets and Try Again.

Bingo! Tickets right above the floor, center section. But I wasn't done yet. He was playing two shows and I needed to be at both of them. So I tried again. Two tickets, best available. Nosebleed section, worse seats in the house.Click! I tried again. Nosebleed. Click. Nosebleed. Click. Nosebleed. Click. Nosebleed. Click. Nosebleed.

By that point I was starting to panick. Click. Nosebleed. Click. Nosebleed. My fingers never typed faster. Click. Nosebleed. Click. Forbidden to View This Webpage.

WHAT???? I tried again. Click.Forbidden to View this Webpage. I cleared the computer's cache. Click. Forbidden. I must have pressed the reset button too many times. I shut down the computer, sick to my stomach. What was I going to do? Where was the Staple's EASY button when I needed it? Suddenly I remembered. There wasn't a button, but there was certainly an app.

I opened the ticket buying app on my cell phone and in less time then it would take to say "obsessive compulsive" I had two more perfect tickets. YAY ME! I am the ticket queen.