It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


No, I'm not talking about Christmas...but in some ways it feels like that red and green holiday. I'm talking about the season of premiers. Movies...television series...ahh.

Supernatural just premiered Season 10. TEAM DEAN ALL THE WAY. Is it just me, or has he done something to his teeth?They might be a little too perfect. I like my men with distinctive teeth. At any rate, Dean is a demon this season. I think I like him that way. After all, a demon is the ultimate bad boy.

Vampire Diaries also looks pretty good, in its 6th season. I've heard rumors it might be the last one, so for all of my fellow Ian/Damon fans, enjoy it while it lasts. Let's hope Elena makes a few good decisions this go-round.

While I don't particularly like zombies, SyFy's Town of the Living Dead is becoming one of my favorite shows because it's so funny! Can't wait until Thr33 Days Dead hits the theaters. Or goes straight to DVD. I'm not picky.

But, what I am most looking forward to is Jason Mamoa's Wolves. He's not exactly the star of this movie, but it doesn't matter. Have you SEEN HIM? The man puts the WOOHOO in wolf.