Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

PictureYes, except for me, the theater was empty when I saw City of Bones!

Let me start by saying I loved this movie and have recommended it to friends. 
     I have not read the book on which this movie is based.  My original reason for avoiding the book is that the market is glutted with books featuring a teenage girl who reaches some special age and learns she
is a powerful witch/shaman/vampeen/mystic/fill in the blank.  Although she has no knowledge of her heritage or training in how to use her power she must somehow save the world. I grew tired of the premise years ago. Apparently writers believe this is a universal desire for teenage girls.  If these writers are correct, they also dream of having a geeky boy madly in love with them,  following them everywhere.   
    Mortal Instruments-City of Bones follows this trend.   I found it hard to believe that this long standing team of warriors would suddenly not only accept Clary but follow her lead, no matter how poorly thought out her
plan.  At least the movie explained how she suddenly knew things by having characters tell each other that her
memory was slowly returning. 
      The long lingering looks between actors made me wonder what they were thinking or feeling because I certainly couldn’t read their emotion on their faces. Perhaps this was clearer in the book where there could be internal dialog.
     The attempts at humor fell flat but were mercifully rare. “You can hang your head out the window”.  Is this really something you would say to a werewolf old enough to be your father who had just saved your life and was on his way to help your friends?
     This might be small but one of my big pet peeves--area made up words. Mundanes? Really?  
     So, you might ask, if I found the movie trite on so many levels, why would I love it and recommend it?  I truly am a big special effects kind of girl and this movie was beautiful.  The clothes were awesome, especially the shoes (that is a teenage fantasy I can understand).  And let’s not forget all the hot guys. Valentine—the guy, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers—is especially yummy.
    On a scale of one to five, I'll give this one a score of 3.