Pacific Rim—Not just for FanBOYS


       My friend and I have looked forward to the movie Pacific Rim  since we first saw it advertised. I don’t like 3D so we had to wait a day for  the movie to be shown the old fashioned way.  Even that setting, which everyone assumes to be less appealing, was packed with males and females of all  ages.

      The movie was 2 hours and 15 minutes long.  Most of that was action. I was spellbound. The day glow striping on the aliens made the action easy to follow in  scenes that could have been so chaotic we could have been left confused. The Gundam Wing styled robots called Jaegers were captivating and easy to differentiate.  Consequently, these were some of the best battle sequences I have seen in a  while.

    Unfortunately, there was a period during the movie in which we were sidetracked by a love story that made little sense to me. Never a believer in love at first sight, I have trouble understanding such deep and unshakable love developing the day two people meet.  But I suppose the producers felt that they need to appeal to as many  audiences as possible.  For me, the love story was not only unnecessary but a distraction. The camaraderie of the characters, for me, made a love interest unnecessary. These were people who cared about each other and their world. I saw tears shed by audience members as Jaegers and their pilots prepared for their final battle.  We were left saddened by the casualties but heartened by the bravery and heroics of the fighters.

    Two hours and fifteen minutes of action. This fanGIRL can’t wait to see it again.