Summer Fun #shouldbewriting

 I've lost 6 weeks and have no idea where it has gone. I would swear that I just posted a blog a few days ago, but it turns out, that was the end of May.  What happened?  Summers are full of lazy days that flow by in slower pace, right?  Uh—guess not.

We started the summer with the plan of taking the girls, Chloe and Molly,  on vacation with us.  As we mentioned in a previous post, if we bought THEM new gear then surely they would buy into our plan for the summer.  They didn't.  We went to Virginia to visit friends and family and thought that while we were there we would check out the Woodsbooger legend.  (That seems to be what the locals call their Big Foot creature).

By the time we hit Southwest Virginia the girls said they were through with this whole traveling thing and we ended up boarding them for a week while we went on without them. 

We spent the week visiting and talking with family.  We never saw the Woodsbooger but we have the T-shirt.    And we bought 8—yep, EIGHT—carved gourds from a local artist. 

After  a week of a lot of nothing much, we picked up Molly and Chloe up on the way home.  They looked fit and rested.  And perhaps a little spoiled.  We didn't. But we have the remainder of the summer to look forward to—the beach, concerts, fun. Right after we finish our edits and worked on the next book. 

Okay, so we played hooky a little when Kid Rock started his tour, and took off for the night when we should have been writing.  His is the only show of this nature we brave at this point.  Partially outdoors, it is a daylong party sponsored by Jim Beam and Harley Davidson. His opening act was Foreigner and they were fantastic. Well worth the admission price even without Kid, which was fortunate because we didn’t actually see much of his part of the concert.  We had good seats and should have had a great view.  Unfortunately six very tall, very drunk guys stood in front of us dancing and holding high their brimming cups of beer throughout the whole concert. 

They danced.  We dodged beer waterfalls. As every character in Wolves says, "It's complicated." But we had a blast, and found a few new characters for our stories.

The rest of the summer is destined to be filled with writing, writing, and more writing. Except the RWA conference in the city that never sleeps. 
And a trip or two to the beach.And a WWE Main Event (with our future ex-husbands, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton).  #amsortawriting