Got Exercise?


Um, nope.
We've been trying to put more exercise in our lives. Like the obsessive compulsive writers we are, we immediately went out and bought the latest step-trackers, new shoes and walking gear. Enthusiastically we planned our route, and then lassoed the dogs. We were ready!

Except we forgot to get buy-in from the dogs.

By the time we got to the end of the driveway, both Molly and Chloe had given up. Chloe sniffed around a bit and promptly sat down ("You're shitting me, right? Walk, like, up the street? Do you see that hill?"). Molly whined and whined and yes, whined. ("It's too hot, mommies, it's too hot! Oh, look a construction worker! Boof!")

After fifteen minutes of ineffective persuasion, we were exhausted. It was time for dinner anyway. Besides, there is always tomorrow. Maybe we should try buying them new gear, too?