Our Road to Wrestlemania

So close, and yet so far...

"If it's for ya, you're gonna get it. If it ain't for ya, you're not gonna get it."
My mom had many amazing words of wisdom and this was one of her favorites. It covered her feelings about the lottery (which she played faithfully every week), birthday wishes, and cake. I'm using it as the mantra for my weekend.

My partner and I have a new obsession--That's right, Roman Reigns. When we found out he was going to be right around the corner in New Jersey, we immediately bought VIP tickets. A meet and greet AND pictures? A chance to learn what he smells like? Good lord. We were SO there.

The day finally arrived.On Saturday we packed up the car, waved goodbye to the pooches and took off. Sure, the weather was iffy but by all reports the snow and freezing rain wasn't going to start until well after we would be home on Sunday..

After a stressful ride to NJ (I hate you, Major Deegan Expressway)we landed at our hotel in Freehold, had some chow, and passed out from exhaustion. When we woke up on Sunday, low and behold--Winter Storm Warning from NJ to Boston, with snow and/or freezing rain scheduled to start--wait for it--

The same time as our meet and greet.


Practical women that we are, we constructed numerous "what-if" scenarios: what if we go and only stay an hour? What if we leave just in time to make it to work Monday morning? What if, what if, what if. But we knew what we had to do. Grumbling, we packed up and headed back home.

The ride to Connecticut was grueling. No sooner than we hit the Garden State Parkway, the freezing rain and snow started. We crawled at 40mph, slid a few times, and ranted a lot at fellow travelers who seemed to think THEY could speed on slick roads even if we couldn't.

We are now home safe, NJ to Hartford by way of the Bronx (I hate you, Major Deegan Expressway.) A little disappointed, more than a little stressed out. I guess sniffing Roman was not in store for me this time around.

As of a few moments ago, it began to snow harder. The roads, by all reports, are treacherous. I-95N is riddled with cars that slid off the road. The news is reporting a major crash on a stretch we traveled.

My mom would say that having an accident was also, thankfully, not in the cards for us today. Everything happens for a reason.

One of the accidents we witnessed as we drove.