"Lost Girl" has lost me.

I have watched this program from the beginning.  I understand the program is about Bo;  the premise is that she is searching for who and what she is.  The premise was also that she would remain a free agent as she decided to work to protect humans rather than side with the fae.  The problem for me is that each episode seems to "jump the shark" for me

Last week was no exception.  Bo suddenly announced to Trick that she knew he was her father.  My reaction was ‘What?”  Bo answered that question with “Why else would you care so much about me?”  That isn’t enough.  What clues brought her to this epiphany? Every week I feel like I need to go back and watch every episode again because I must be missing something.  Now, out of the blue, her blood has some magical property.   That’s a little deus ex machina for my taste.

I accept that Bo is a succubus and uses sexual energy.  I have trouble when she feels guilty because of it, and in fact, seems to fall in love with every person with whom she has sex.   This seems limiting for a succubus.

Moreover, Bo is supposed to be a free agent.  But she only works for the light fae.  If she only works for one side then it seems that she has indeed chosen a side to join. The last episode proposed that since she is not aligned with either side, she can bring the two together to work as a team.  So she did what she always does, stormed  into the domain of a dark fae, unhindered, and made deals to obtain objects without knowing what the result of her actions would be.  As usual, she then had to correct her mistake--and on and on.  Usually the show ends with the rest of the cast of characters rushing in to rescue her.

I still don’t understand why Kinsey stayed with Bo instead of going with Nate unless she is in love with Bo; it doesn’t make sense.  But I am glad she stayed because Kinsey is the only character in the show who really has the balls to get things done. Where would the show be without Kinsey circumventing fae protocol?  Last week when everyone ran from the Garuda, it was Kinsey who went back and saved Dyson.  This week she stood up to another “big bad” to get Dyson’s love back. And thank god for that because I was really tired of Dyson—a werewolf AND police officer--wandering around like a wimp.

I know that with the paranormal we are asked to leave reality behind.  But once the world is created, I expect it to remain consistent and sustain believability within that world.  Every week I find myself more distracted by the inconsistencies than the plot line they are posing.