Fall Resolutions

The stifling hot days of summer that had me lying around the house like a lizard baking on a rock are gone. The crisp cool air and bright blue sky made me want to get up and move. Coupled with the ingrained “back to school” mentality, I made my fall “New Year’s Resolutions”.

Suddenly with this new burst of energy, I wanted to clean house, join a gym, take my dogs on long walks in the woods, make Christmas presents for everyone I know, have a beauty make over, take a class, and write a book in a month.

Writing the list of all the things I wanted to do used up that burst of energy and I sat down to watch the gag reel of my newly purchased Supernatural Season 7. I then fell asleep, forgetting to turn off the lights or walk the dogs. I woke up the first day of Autumn with a list to narrow down. Once I had my iced mocha latte, I was determined to make a few of those changes.

I examined my list. Will I:

  • Clean the whole house, top to bottom? Unless I hire a cleaning crew, that’s probably not going to happen. But I can declutter, do some basics and make room for holiday decorations.

  • Join a gym? How about if I buy a good exercise mat and do some exercises at home?

  • Take my dogs on long walks in the woods? Maybe I will drive to the park with Molly and start there. Chloe was so traumatized by her last walk in the park that she was sick for days.

  • Make homemade Christmas presents? Why yes, I think I will do that for a select few. But only because I enjoy doing it.

  • Get a complete ‘beauty makeover”? How about a haircut and a manicure? And maybe set up a schedule so I don’t forget.

  • Take a class? Check! Enrolled in that already.

  • Write a book in a month? Every year I vow to do Nanowrimo, national novel writing month. But it is in the middle of the holiday season so I lose the whole week of Thanksgiving and feel like a failure. And I am not allowed to work on my current book. Maybe I will do the 100 word challenge this year instead. One hundred words a day has to be more manageable than 1700.

So, reframed goals in hand, I am looking forward to fall, to witches and goblins making way for pumpkins and turkeys marching toward snow and winter, which is, of course, REALLY my favorite time of year.