September 30th, 2012


There seems to be a new craze …dog shaming.  My inbox and Facebook page are filled with pictures of these poor misunderstood creatures.  These are dogs posed alongside signs stating their offenses. The looks on their faces are heartbreaking.  Why doesn’t anti-bullying legislation protect these animals who cannot defend themselves? They have no thumbs for writing or, in most cases, internet access to use in their defense.

I suppose I could join this long line of bullies.  Chloe has stolen the mates to 6 pairs of shoes and has hidden them beyond my ability to find them.    But I prefer to treat my girls with respect and refer to them in uplifting, confidence building ways.  I appreciate all the help they give me under the guise of attention seeking behavior.

In the past I have had Skye terriers who helped me by throwing themselves on the mop pad and adding their coats to the strings so that I could reach greater coverage, and theoretically be finished faster.  SossDog always made laundry day a breeze because she gathered the dirty and fallen clothes into her crate, thereby simplifying the gathering process for me.

Today my girls aid me in different ways.  Since my doorbell cannot be heard all over the house, Molly runs to tell me someone is at the door and is there to act as greeter, should I open it.

It is even my own fault that I cannot find my missing shoes.  Chloe used to gather them under the dining table until I complained that it was hard to reach them.  I am sure the new gathering places will be much easier to reach, once I find it. I don’t know how I would keep the wastebaskets empty without her help. She also moves their beds from room to room making it easier to clean the floors and even removes the covering on my sofa since I obviously don’t know that the cover less attractive than the sofa itself

Surely there are other helpful dogs out there if their owners only praised and encouraged them more. Do you think she would have become the hero she was if she had been photographed, shamed, and her likeness posted on the internet with the caption “Lassie, shut the heck up!”?