There's Something About the Night

There has always been something magical about the hours after sunset. The darkness changes everything.

As a teenager, it was much easier to talk to that cute guy while sitting on the porch after dinner, than it was making eye contact in the harsh fluorescent light of the high school cafeteria. Perhaps it was the cool breeze accenting the spice of the unlit sky. Perhaps it was the shadows graciously hiding my blushing, shy smile.

Later, After Midnight phonecalls with my long-distance lover fueled me. For hours and hours we were hardwired together, reminiscing about the last time we touched, and dreaming about what's to come.

As a writer, when the sun goes down, my ordinary world disintegrates, the crystals stored in a glass on my nightstand until reconstituted by the sun. Meanwhile my otherworld friends come out to play... vampires, weres and rockstars.

It's no wonder, as Poppy Z.Bright once wrote, 4am knows all my secrets...