Fall: A Beginning and an End


I’m shocked to realize summer is almost over. Not officially of course, but  all the signs are there. The sky is a crisper blue than usual. And I have this overwhelming need to get organized. Fall seems like it should be the beginning of the year. I have been out of school for many years, but the sight of school supplies still thrills me. 

But that isn’t what shocked me this morning. About 2:30AM Chloe began to whine and then bark. She is elderly and not in great health, so I understand needing to go to the bathroom at odd hours.  So I dragged myself from my warm bed and headed for the back door.  At 2:30 I didn’t take the time to put on shoes or throw a robe over my short pajamas. I also didn’t turn on lights. The shock came when I stepped outside into the dark and realized how cold it was. The thermometer said 47 degrees.  47. What happened to 80 as our overnight temperature?  Wasn’t that just last week? Well, maybe not. I do tend to compress time.  Shivering, I rushed Chloe back inside and threw on a sweater to try to get warm.

I know that truly cold weather is several months away, but my bourgeoning desire to “nest” makes more sense as it approaches.  I’m looking forward to cozy sweaters, sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking cups of warm tea or cocoa.  How about you?