Dress Up Dress Down with Kryssie Fortune

Please join me in welcoming Kryssie Fortune, to tell us about the uniforms in her latest novel, Dominated by the Dragon. A 1960’s Solder Turned Ageless Dragon Shifter.

Like Captain America, Flynn, the hero in my latest novel – Dominated By The Dragon, got caught up in a top secret, military experiment. Rather than turn him into a superhero, it burned a dragon demon into his soul. He’s never aged, but he can’t put down roots, what with the mad scientists who want to vivisect him and all.

Before the experiment that changed him, he was a Captain in the 1960’s British army. The uniform was issued free of charge, but as an officer Flynn would have needed to buy his own belt, boots and cap.

His uniform consisted of a khaki jacket worn over a rough fabric shirt and a knitted tie. He’d wear that over straight legged khaki trousers that chafed his skin, combat boots – highly polished, and well broken in of course. Just look at the heavy stitching around the sole.

Proud to serve Queen and country, Flynn led a special squad. One that was occasionally called the freak show. The men in it were always that bit smarter, stronger and faster. That meant his peaked cap carried his unit’s ensignia – a Spartan helmet. They’d adopted it because the Spartan’s were the first super soldiers.

Noting else about his uniform, not even the spread of the jacket buttons or the design of his belt buckle showed people how special he and his men were.


His uniform epaulets showed his rank. The broad end was stitched to the shoulder then buttoned down at the narrow end. The three diamond shaped pips indicated his rank.

To become a captain, men usually had a minimum of five years’ service and a university degree. Flynn had neither, but as a natural leader, he commanded respect from “the other freaks like himself.”

He planned to train as a vet after he left the service. Instead the army turned him into an animal / demon hybrid and taught him how it felt to be on the wrong side of their vivisection experiments.

If you want to know more about Flynn and how his new life panned out, please check out my latest novel.

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A former super soldier turned dragon demon must choose between his soul mate and saving the world from a nuclear winter.

The British army’s nuclear testing bonded a dragon into Flynn Hemsworth’s soul. Military scientists vivisected and tortured him until he escaped two years later. Although he’s never aged, he’s been alone and on the run for almost six decades. When he prevents a naked woman from being the prize lot in a coven’s slave auction, he realizes she has an unexplored submissive streak.

Hope Mathews—a sassy blonde with killer keyboard skills—is a strong independent woman. When Flynn prevents her being sold to a demon, she discovers she enjoys spankings and light bondage. Together Hope and Flynn must shut down a coven of black magicians, rescue kidnapped demons, and stop a black ops nuclear missile hitting the UK. Even if they manage all that, Hope’s the granddaughter of a billionaire while Flynn’s still on the run from the military who want to dissect him again. Can they find common ground and build a life together?

Reader Advisory: Contains explicit language, a virginal heroine who discovers she enjoys spanking and bondage. Add in some serious dragon demon loving, light the blue touch paper, stand back, and watch the sparks fly. PUBLISHER NOTE: Paranormal BDSM Romance – 63,094 words. BDSM, Exhibitionism, Orgies and Spanking.