Halloween Plans #Halloween #MFRWAuthor #Writerslife

IMG_0998I'm excited about Halloween this year. It's on a Saturday, which gives us the day to prepare. We'll unpack our spiderweb capes and elaborate witchy hats. We'll move our fire pit from the backyard to the front of the house and light a small fire. Move a few benches and string a few lights, add the sound effects and we'll be ready to greet the kiddies brave enough to come near. We'll store a variety of candy in a chest that has its own squeaky side effects-just one more trial for the brave little goblins before they get to choose whatever treat they want.

Since there are no children in our neighborhood, all of our visitors will be strangers. It will be fun for us to meet the kids, see varieties of costumes, and sometimes chat with the parents of the youngest trick or treaters.

The dogs will get the night off from guarding their street which I'm sure is less stressful for everyone.

Once it gets fully dark, the young kids have made the rounds, and the trick or treaters are bigger than I am, we'll  retire inside where we'll sample a couple of our favorite candies--if any remain. Finally, we'll settle down with more grown-up refreshments, the girls asleep by the fire, as we watch one of our favorite Halloween movies, Arsenic and Old Lace.

May your tricks be few and your treats plentiful. Happy Halloween!